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Sealants & Caulking

NPC Sealants

 NPC Sealantsoffers a wide variety of caulking and sealants.  We at Advance Building Supply carry the NPC 900 Solar Seal in stock.  NPC 900 is made of terpolymer technology, which gives you another option besides silicone & urethane sealants.  If you are tired of sealing around your windows and doors NPC 900 is your solution.  NPC 900 will not crack, peel, or turn yellow. Avaialble not only in white or clear, but we carry over 20 different colors in stock at our warehouse.  We don't have the color you are looking for, choose from one of the 200 colors that NPC offers, if none of those work NPC can make a customized color for you. 

DAP Sealants

DAP offers many different types of products, at Advance Building Supply we offer products from the professional line.  Carrying in stock:
*Dynaflex 230- A premium indoor/outdoor sealant.  Outstanding durability and used for doors, windows, siding and moldings.  Dynaflex 230 is a paintable caulking.
*DAP Alex Plus- Acrylic latex caulk plus silicone.  A 35 year durability guarantee, for indoor/outdoor use, paintable and waterproof.  Available in brilliant white and clear.
*DAP Silicone- 100% silicone rubber sealant.  50 year durability guarantee, indoor/outdoor use, minimal shrinking and long lasting flexibility.  Available in white and clear.
*DAP Concrete & Mortar filler and sealant- Waterproof seal, for filling in cracks in surfaces, durable and flexible.  For driveway, sidewalks, foundations, patios.
*DAP Subfloor & Deck Construction Adhesive- Use when putting subfloor down to reduce nailing, floor squeaks and nail pops.  Bonds wet, frozen and treated lumber.
*DAPtex Plus- Multi-purpose foam sealant- Seals, insulates and weatherproofs.  Safe to use when installing window and doors.  Soft filler foam, wont over expand with easy water clean-up.

Touch 'n Seal

KCP&L recommends to help lower your energy cost to seal all air leaks by using expanding foam spray, caulk and window and door tape to fill gaps around doors, windows and siding. Here at Advance Building Supply we carry a full line of Touch 'n Seal products to help you do this.

Touch 'n Seal Window and Door Insulating

Sealant that is a no-warp foam is a perfect sealeant for around your windows and doors.  This foam will not warp frams and Jambs.  When looking to foam around windows you have to make sure not to use an expanding foam.  Using a expanding foam can cause damage to the window, not allowing it operate properly.  No-warp foam is water-resistent, and an airtight seal.  It is also aproved for Type V Residential Fireblock.

Touch 'n Seal Polyurethane Foam Sealant

Polyurethane All Seasons foam sealant is perfect for filling in small gaps around foundations, headers, electrical outlets, anywhere that air could penetrate the home. This is going to help cut down on home energy cost.   Touch 'n Seal Window and Door Insulating Touch 'n Seal Polyurethane Foam Sealant